The Instruments


It is hard to classify what I like to build except to say I tend toward smaller instruments and those tuned in 5ths but I have made my share of 6 string guitars as well. A partial list of what I have made to date includes:

  • Parlour Guitars
  • Flatop Tenor Guitars
  • Archtop Tenor Guitars
  • OM Sized Guitars
  • Crossover Nylon String Guitars
  • Mandocellos
  • Multiscale Instruments
  • Octave Mandolins
  • Mountain Dulcimers
  • Even a Celtic harp

I look forward to adding to this list as time goes on.

I my goal is to make a guitar that the owner wants to sit down with after a hard day and play to relax or perhaps jam with a group of friends. I think my guitars are reasonably priced and I strive for that sweet sounds that soothes and relaxes...

Environmental issues - Tropical hardwoods are disappearing, forest are threatened all over the world. As a luthier I rely on these woods so as much as possible sustainable woods are used in my instruments. Sometimes woods I use have come through the hands of other luthiers both retired and no longer with us and as such are not only exceptional woods but are a way to allow them to have a life beyond their original owners.